Born in Bedstuy Brooklyn, New York, Al Skratch named  Alphonse Constant came of age during a time when urban decay, crime, hopelessness, artistic expression, and music diversity was in full bloom; which has set the stage for his musical journey.

Fresh on the scene, Al earned his respect as a local DJ and soon MCs added the name Skratch becasue of his ability to prolong the rhythm of the beat through the technique of scratching and his uncanny understanding & precision to "move the crowd".  Soon thereafter, Al began to rap and his career began to blossom.

Al Skratch is best known from his work as a member of the Billboard charting rap duo, "Ill Al Skratch".  Al began Producing, writing and performing multiple hits; such as "Where My Homiez", "I'll Take Her" and Michael Jackson's "They Don't Really Care About Us".

Al made a decision to break from the industry and is now reemerging with an all new musical debut titled "Mr. Constant"... The world will witness Al's growth and maturity along with a new look, persona and sound that is the "Deep Soul of Hip Hop".