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The Rap Rebel

Born in Brooklyn, raised Uptown, Al Skratch came up at a time when urban decay, crime, hopelessness, artistic expression, and music diversity was blooming in New York City.  This environment set in motion his personal, artistic, and musical journey.

Al paid his dues and earned his respect as a DJ Uptown. Local MCs nicknamed him "Al Skratch" because of his ability to prolong the rhythm of the beat through the technique of scratching and his uncanny understanding & precision to "move the crowd". 

Al Skratch is best known from his work as a member of the Billboard charting rap duo, "Ill Al Skratch". Their breakout hit single 'Where My Homiez" earned them a GLOBAL hip hop following, that is still loyal today.  "I'll Take Her" featuring Brian Mcknight further expanded and broadened their fan base. Ill Al Skratch added several soundtracks to their repertoire namely, "Eddie", "New Jersey Drive", and "Panther".


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